WomenOf.org, is a directory, with resources like databases for women in business, arts, sciences and other fields to connect and support each other. This new direction is a more comprehensive project meant to empower and share knowledge so that women can find mentors, venues, and additional information to grow and succeed.

The idea of WomenOf.org nonprofit started in 2017 while I was living abroad in Mexico City. I had originally thought about developing a fair-trade type of nonprofit to assist women sell their handmade products around the world. The idea came after I passed a woman on a local street who was selling aprons that she had made. She was well into her senior years and she was engaged in this enterprise of survival. Since then, the idea has moved in another direction – there are many Fair trade organizations that are already providing crucial markets for artisans.

Since that point, I returned to the United States and have been part of the movement of women working together to fight for our rights. The challenge of pooling resources and information to support women in their work has galvanized the new direction for WomenOf.org

And the first part of this new concept in building a directory and resource center is Women Composers in Higher Education. A woman and Latine composer myself, I’ve often wondered about women composers teaching in higher education and where to access this information. Because no database contained specifically this information, I went about creating a survey and database to make it open to the public. So this first project is underway!

Another objective is to promote women of color in composition and help highlight the need for hiring BIPOC composers who have traditionally been closed out of opportunities.