Our Purpose

WomenOf.org is a Non-Profit with the purpose of promoting and lifting women out of poverty by highlighting their story and selling their products to a global audience through the use of technology.

Our WomenOf.org app and website is geared towards social good and making meaningful change for women around the world.

We will highlight each woman’s story so that you can know more about their need for participating in WomenOf.org.

One day while I was driving through my neighborhood in Mexico City, I observed a senior woman sitting on a curb of another storefront selling her handmade aprons. I wanted to make a change for her and give her economic stability.

On another occasion, again while I was driving, I saw a woman, while holding her special needs child back from running out into the street, begging on the curbside. She was obviously trying to make ends meet and special needs services are not viable for her. And so her child was with her while she asked for financial help.

Julia Moreno Perri – Founder

There aren’t many opportunities especially for the elderly to make ends meet as well. Many jobs don’t pay into the social security of people and so as they age, there isn’t the social security cushion for many. It’s similar for people with disabilities and their families.

For Julia, she realized that she could put her thoughts into action with her technology skills and entrepreneur mindset.

And so WomenOf.org was created.

We propose to create job opportunities around the world through hiring local Coordinators and Digital Media Producers to fully carry out our mission.

Built into our vision is the opportunity for the women selling crafts to also gain technology skills to be promoted to the position of Community Coordinator.


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